If you've ever played an MMORPG, it's likely that you've seen the overwhelming navigation that plagues these games. When I play an MMORPG, I like to think about how the developers could have made the game more accessible and enjoyable for players.
The first thing I would do is simplify the menu system. Every feature in an MMORPG has a specific use case and there are a lot of features (I'm looking at you Astral Diamonds). Players don't need access to every single one of them on their first day in-game; they just want to be able to get started quickly and efficiently. In order for this process to be fast and easy, though, there needs to be an organized way of navigating through all these menus so that players don't get lost along the way or click something by mistake when they meant something else completely different altogether!
This means that developers need a variety of different methods available so that all types of players feel comfortable navigating their games with whatever tools are most natural or effective for them—and sometimes these methods will conflict with each other! For example: if you have both quickbars and hotkeys enabled at once then you're going to get into trouble because neither will work correctly unless you choose which one gets priority over which other one (by changing settings). But what if someone likes using quickbars but wants hotkeys too? Or vice versa? And then there's always something else coming up later down the road... what happens when someone wants both fast travel AND teleportation spells?
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